Pallet Racking Weight Capacity: How to Calculate It

Pallet Racking Weight Capacity

Accurate assessment of pallet rack capacity is crucial to ensure a safe warehouse.  Unfortunately, many overlook its importance or use oversimplified methods that don’t take into account all of the necessary factors.  The repercussions of which can be far-reaching, leading to permit delays, inefficient storage practices, accidents and potential legal consequences.  This article aims to…

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Pallet Rack Permits: The Ultimate Guide

Pallet Rack Permits

We’ve all had to deal with pallet rack permits – Scrambling to get stamped calculations and construction drawings. Emailing back and forth with the jurisdiction. Hiring a local inspection agency last minute. In this guide, we delve into the complexities of pallet rack permitting, everything from what they are to tools you can use to…

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