R-Mark Certification: The Ultimate Guide to Getting RMI Certified

R-Mark Certification

Interested in hiring someone with r-mark certification? Or maybe even getting certified yourself? 

Working with a R-mark certified professional gives you a wealth of assurances, that your project is going to be done right. Getting certified means that your work is able to hold up to the high standards of the RMI.

In this article you’ll learn what RMI certification is, what it means, the process you need to go through in order to get certified, and more.

What is R-mark Certification?

The R-Mark certification program was established to address concerns people have about the safety and quality of storage rack systems. 

Storage racks are a huge part of the storage and organization of materials in warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial facilities. And ensuring their reliability and structural integrity is of the utmost importance.

R-Mark certification program stands as a key benchmark for quality in the world of storage racks.

Developed by the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), this certification is more than just a label; it’s a promise of adherence to stringent standards. It ensures the safety, reliability, and performance of storage rack systems used across various industries.

What Does It Mean for a Company to Be R-Mark Certified? 

This certification signifies that a particular storage rack meets or exceeds industry-recognized safety and quality standards.

Here’s why that’s important:

If a storage rack fails, it can lead to significant economic losses due to damaged goods, workplace injuries, or even fatalities. 

By adhering to R-Mark standards, manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to producing racks that are safe, durable, and efficient.

The R-Mark certification ensures that manufacturers of industrial steel storage racks comply with established industry standards, such as those outlined by the Rack Design Specification, ANSI MH16.1: Specification for the Design, Testing, and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks. 

This certification indicates that the rack manufacturer’s products have been tested and verified to meet safety and quality standards established by the industry. 

It involves rigorous testing and evaluation of the rack’s design, materials used, and manufacturing processes to ensure they meet specified load capacities, safety factors, and performance criteria. 

Having an R-Mark certification can assure customers that the racks they are purchasing have undergone proper testing and comply with industry standards, thereby promoting safety and reliability in storage solutions.

The primary objective of the R-Mark certification program is to establish a benchmark for manufacturers to meet standardized criteria in the design, fabrication, and installation of storage rack systems. 

The RMI Certification Process: How to Get RMI Certified 

To get R-Mark certified, manufacturers have to undergo a comprehensive evaluation process. This process typically involves stringent assessments of all the processes manufacturers use, including:

  1. Design Standards: Racks must be designed according to specified load capacities, structural integrity, and seismic considerations of the ANSI MH16.1 code. Decking must be designed per ANSI MH26.2.
  2. Materials and Manufacturing: Certification requires the use of high-quality materials and adherence to precise manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and reliability of the racks. All welding must conform to the American Welding Society and a Qualified Engineering Delegate must be on staff. 
  3. Installation Guidelines: A safe rack can get unsafe if it’s installed wrong. That’s why they make sure to standardize the installation too. A qualified inspector, working under the supervision of the R-Mark certified manufacturer’s RDP evaluates whether installation is in accordance with LARC drawings and/or installation drawings approved by the RDP. “R-Mark Certification Installation” plaque should be displayed on the storage rack on site.

Benefits of R-mark Certification

Enhanced Credibility

R-Mark certified storage racks offer increased safety for both personnel and stored goods. 

Their high standards minimize the risk of structural failure, reducing the potential for accidents in warehouse environments. 

Manufacturers who meet R-Mark requirements are awarded an R-Mark Certification license, entitling them to display the R-Mark on any qualified product designed in the same manner. 

R-Mark certification gives users and owners of industrial steel storage rack and welded wire rack decking products the confidence that the R-Mark certified manufacturer of the rack system has the technical and manufacturing skills—as well as the ability—to produce rack that meets RMI codes and standards. 

Storage rack buyers know this.

So, certification assures buyers that the purchased racks have undergone rigorous testing and evaluations, ensuring they meet industry-accepted standards. This provides peace of mind regarding the reliability and performance of the storage system.

Marketing Advantages

Obviously, all this can have a great impact on your ability to market yourself as a rack manufacturer. 

Buyers often look for assurances that they can trust your product, and this is one of the best possible things you can do to gain their trust.

Our recommendation? Get certified, and then plaster it on your website. 

Bottom Line: R-Mark Certification Guarantees the Quality of Your Racks

The R-Mark certification program stands as a hallmark of quality and safety in the realm of storage rack systems. 

It plays a pivotal role in ensuring that these systems meet stringent standards, thereby safeguarding personnel, goods, and businesses from potential risks. 

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