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Reliable Storage Rack Designs

Built by structural engineers through collaboration with your favorite pallet rack manufacturers, this trusted tool is the fastest way to get rack prelims. Using the most advanced technologies in structural analysis and computing power, this truly is where Storage Racks Meet Innovation.

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Draft The Best Designs

Create winning prelim designs with high-powered computing technology that gives you the best quality in structural engineering designs.

Seamless Process

Design your racks, generate prelims, and receive stamped drawings and calculations for permitting all in one place, so your project keeps rolling smoothly.

Deliver in Less Time

Go from original concept to prelims in just minutes, and get instant answers to questions or changes your customers may have.

You're In Control

Create the Lightest Design Possible.

Use the suggested designs, built-in recommendations, and optimizations to create the lightest design to meet your project requirements.

Utilize Existing Inventory

Accurately Analyze & Utilize Your Used Parts
with Confidence.

Identify the structural capacity of the parts in your inventory and build the most efficient design possible for your customer.

Make Changes Instantly

Make Changes on the Fly. Export Design in Minutes.

Be in control of your projects without the unnecessary back and forth communication. Quickly swap out equipment or make changes to project requirements to automatically generate new prelims you can export immediately.

Keep Everything Organized

Quickly Retrieve Archived Designs.

Don’t recreate the same rack again and again for different projects. Store all your designs in the application for easy and quick retrieval to use in new projects for faster turnaround.

Access Designs Anywhere

Collaborate & Access from Your Favorite Devices.

OneRack runs completely on your browser. There’s nothing to download or keep updated. Know that you’re always using the most current version and governing codes. Store all of your designs, parts, inventories, and more in the cloud. And seamlessly collaborate on projects with your team.

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Explore the Power of OneRack


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Name New Parts

Whether it's the official part number or a name that is best for you and your company.


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Add Dimensions

Easily input the dimensions of your part, and OneRack will calculate the appropriate engineering properties and add it to your part library, so you can easily and seamlessly use your new part in the rack designer.


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Preloaded with Standard Shapes

The part builder includes most of the standard rack shapes used for columns, beams, and braces.


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Automatic Calculations

The part builder calculates the appropriate engineering properties for you. All you have to do is press save, and you're off to designing a rack with your new part.


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Make Instant Changes

Easily change the beams or configure beam elevations with a click of a button.


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Brace Configurations

Change the brace, brace spacing, or brace style exactly how you need it.


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Quick Options

Back-to-back, tunnel, set-back or slant leg are all options in the rack designer.


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Identify Failures 

Easily see where your racks need changes.


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All Your Projects Organized

Keep all your projects in one place, so you can stay organized and efficient.


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Project Status

Keep track of the status of your projects, so you don't let anything slip through the cracks.


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Fast Filters

Easily search, sort, or filter to view your list of projects clearly.


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Limit or Share Access

Make your projects visible to just you, or share it with your team, so no one misses a beat.


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All Your Designs Organized

Keep track of your prelims in one place, so you never lose track of them again.


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Find Designs Quickly

OneRack makes it easy to find your designs with searching, sorting, and filtering options available.

Flexible and Powerful

Built for Integrators, Suppliers, Manufacturers.

For Suppliers

Keep track of the racks and parts in your warehouse, and quickly determine their structural capacity.

For Manufacturers

Get engineering expertise in your hands with cutting-edge computing technology that empowers you to create the right solutions.

For Integrators

Make changes to projects on your own, and automatically generate the best possible prelim design in a matter of minutes.


A Tool You Can Trust.
Built by Engineers You Can Trust.

We know structural engineering. As licensed professional engineers with nearly a decade of experience in the material handling industry, we wanted to create an easy-to-use tool that puts the power of structural engineering knowledge directly in your hands.

Your brand deserves to be unforgettable. We can help.

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Ready to Win More Projects in Less Time, without the Hassle?

Inefficient processes can slow you down, waste money, and keep you from winning jobs. Start designing with OneRack and deliver the best solutions to your customers in minutes.