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Storage rack software helps you design structurally sound storage rack prelims. These programs not only get rid of guess work and empower the user to design their own rack, but they can also drastically speed up the rack design process.

Good storage rack software helps you tell if your rack design is failing or passing.

But the problem is, there are very few “good” software options on the market for storage racks.

OneRack is the first and only storage rack software solution that completely automates the job of a structural engineer, so you can get winning rack prelims within minutes. 

It allows you to build the best designs without the constant back and forth with an engineer. 

Built by structural engineers using cutting-edge technology, OneRack also collaborates with your favorite pallet manufacturers to give you the most convenient design experience. 

What Are The Benefits of Storage Rack Software?

The right storage rack software:

  • Saves you time
  • Allows you to freely experiment with designs
  • Makes sharing designs easy
  • Boosts efficiency
  • Checks if your prelims are structurally sound (advanced)
  • Let’s you design with real parts from real manufacturers (advanced)
  • Makes it easy for your design to get P.E. stamped (advanced)

Even the most basic storage rack software can save you a ton of time designing storage racks. You no longer have to wait for prelims—or waste precious time going back and forth with an engineer.

For instance, with OneRack, you can get winning prelims within minutes.

Since it’s so easy to use, you can play around to find the best variation of your design. Some storage rack solutions allow for multiple users, so sharing designs and streamlining your process becomes super straightforward. 

More advanced solutions like OneRack will run a seismic analysis. This simulation tests how structurally sound your storage racks are.

Advanced storage rack software programs also allow you to use real parts from your favorite manufacturers. And they make it easy for you to send your designs to engineers to get P.E. stamped documents! 

When Do You Need Storage Rack Software?

If you are a manufacturer, storage rack software will make your process so much faster and easier. The technology of modern storage rack software not only tests your designs, but it makes getting approval from an engineer a breeze. 

If you are an integrator, you can easily make necessary changes to projects. You can test real parts from real manufacturers and put together a prelim in a matter of minutes. 

If you are a supplier, storage rack software allows you to keep track of the racks and parts in your warehouse. You can also check their structural capacity at a glance.

The best part? 

You don’t need to be a giant company to afford storage rack software. OneRack has a 30-day free trial, so you can get started building prelims right away.

OneRack Can Help You Create Winning Storage Rack Prelims, Within Minutes

Say goodbye to spending hours on prelims, and the endless back and forth with structural engineers to get your designs approved. 

With OneRack, you can build and test winning storage rack prelims in minutes. 

  • OneRack’s Rack Designer allows you to make instant changes to your design, whether it’s changing the type of beam, or lengthening them. It also allows you to change the brace configuration any way you want, or choose between back-to-back and tunnel options. Finally, OneRack’s Rack Designer alerts you on any failing points in your design.
  • OneRack’s Part Builder allows you to build custom parts that you can use in your rack designs. You can choose the dimensions of your new part, and choose from all the standard shapes for columns, beams, and braces. Once you’re done, simply name your part and you can use it freely in the Rack Designer. 
  • OneRack’s Project Manager keeps you organized. You get a dashboard showing you all your projects and where they are in the pipeline. The Project Manager also lets you assign projects and customize who has access to specific tasks. 
  • OneRack’s Design Manager keeps all your parts and designs in one place. You can easily find, filter, and reuse your designs! 

How to Build Storage Racks Instantly With OneRack’s Software

Once you sign up for OneRack, you create a new project, and input your project details like:

  • Building code
  • Soil bearing
  • Slab strength
  • Slab thickness

You’ll then be taken to the Rack Designer, where you’re free to play around with your design!

You can click on any part of your design and customize it however you wish. 

You can easily adjust the length of the beams, add or remove levels, and incorporate new parts into your design. You can also choose to design with shelves back-to-back or in a tunnel bay.

Once you’re finished designing, you can run the seismic analysis to see how strong your structure is.

The possibilities are endless with OneRack. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool that’s built by structural engineers, for the everyday rack professional. Now you can be your own engineer!

If you want to start playing around with the software, sign up for free today:

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