Our Story

Giving You Control Over Every Step of the Process

As licensed professional engineers in the rack industry, we recognized that the status quo of how our industry operates can be frustrating and costly. Manufacturers, integrators, and suppliers rely entirely on engineers to create the prelims they need for new projects.

We believe everyone deserves to have control over their own projects, and affect the level of quality they want to provide to their customers.

That’s why we developed an easy-to-use online tool that puts the power of structural engineering knowledge directly in your hands. Now you can deliver the best solutions to your customers without the unnecessary back-and-forth that’s become normal in our industry.

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Who We Are

Built by Trusted Engineers

We are licensed professional engineers with Epiq Engineering and have nearly a decade of extensive experience in the material handling industry.

We’ve assembled a team of experts in user experience design, application development, and commercial structural analysis software to bring advanced FEA technology—the most cutting-edge, advanced analysis available—to our industry in a powerful tool that’s easy to use. So you can trust that your designs will respond more accurately in the real world than any previous approximation methods ever.


Ready to win more projects in less time, without the hassle?

We hate inefficiency as much as you do. We want you to win without the frustration that’s so common to our industry. Start designing with OneRack today and deliver the best solutions to your customers in minutes.